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tv   News 6 at 4p  CBS  February 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> wanted for days after nearly killing a sergeant, just in at 4:00, this boy's request during his call to deputies. >> and just in, growing concerns over the zika virus as health officials confirm another new case this afternoon in central florida. >> and heartbreak and mystery for a local community after a 13-year-old girl's body is found near her dad's inside their
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good afternoon, everyone. this is news 6 at 4:00, getting results. i'm ginger gadsden. >> i'm lisa bell. thanks for joining us. >> i'm julie broughton. also ahead, dance moves too fast for the president. his reaction to this 106-year-old with the best boogie in town during her special visit to the white house. more importantly, what she says is the key to longevity. i think everyone just loves her. >> oh, my goodness, that was the first video i saw this morning and it got my day off to a fantastic start. >> it made me want to learn more about her. 106 years and she's seen a lot. >> we're following breaking news within the last 90 minutes. a 15-year-old boy accused of intentionally hitting a female sergeant on friday with his car has turned himself in. investigators tell news 6 after days on the run, ortiz called them from his mom's house, refusing to talk and requesting an attorney. deputies tell news 6 ortiz hit
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sergeant marcy pierce on to his hood on friday while she was trying to arrest him on a burglary warrant. she was released at the hospital. ortiz is at the juvenile assessment center. we're asking deputies what's next for his case. expect more on news 6 at 5:00. >> also breaking at 4:00, another confirm zika case in orange county, which makes for two in the region, 28 confirmed across the state. so far the health department confirmed all of the cases of the mosquito-borne illness is travel related but, still, the number is growing. stay protected by learning the signs and symptoms by going to, powered by news 6. >> developing at 4:00, we are learning more about a death investigation in merritt island. the bodies of a 42-year-old dad and his 13-year-old daughter were found inside a home on indian street. they have now been identified. news 6 reporter amanda castro is live there now. detectives are still working to figure out just how the
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>> that's right. they're waiting for the autopsy results and we're told those could get those in a week or it could take a little longer. what we know is investigators found the bodies of that father and daughter inside this home behind me after deputies stopped by last night to conduct a well-being check. >> a family friend, who did not want to be identified, tells news 6 the mother got worried when she didn't hear from him last week. the friend confirmed this facebook photo of the 42-year-old. that's why they called the brevard county sheriff's office to stop by his house sunday night. according to our partners from florida today, investigators found the man's body in a closet. they say he committed suicide. the sheriff's office also found the body of his daughter, 13-year-old anunia, in a bedroom. detectives have not said how she died. she just celebrated her birthday on valentine's day and the family thought the father and
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we're also told they were american citizens and spent the last six years trying to bring his wife to the united states from thailand. he owned a thai restaurant in cocoa beach with his sister but sold it a couple of years ago and picked up local jobs in the food industry. family friends say the man was a hard worker and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, adding they're devastated with the father and daughter's deaths. >> and the child was a 6th grader at tropical elementary school here in merritt island. the school district is telling us they had crisis teams on hand today to help students and staff cope with her death. >> just such a sad story all around. amanda castro reporting live for us this evening. thank you. >> well, the other story we're talking about right now, the heat is on across central florida. >> yeah, and enjoy it while you can because some changes are on the way. >> chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing rain possibly as soon as tomorrow but first it's all about the temperatures. >> isn't it, though? man, what a beautiful weekend
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we hit a daytime high today of 81 degrees again. so in the 80's in central florida this afternoon. right now, radar is as clear as it can be. it won't remain the case as the week wears on. maybe as early as tonight or tomorrow, a few little scattered showers begin to show up. the clouds are taking over as we head into the evening here. we've had a lot of sunshine today but the bulk of the cloud cover is on the way and a big low is steering our cold front toward you. right now, we're at 79 degrees in orlando. ocala, you're checking in at 77 degrees. i'll be right back to pinpoint the overnight lows for tonight. we'll talk about a mild evening and then the chances of rain and why there's a better chance tomorrow and then some bigger storms for you on wednesday. i'll break it all out and pinpoint it for you later. >> thank you, tom. we're following breaking news right now in orange county where we're told a school bus has caught fire. sky 6 is flying over the scene right now.
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between lee vista and curry ford roads. we can only assume that's the school bus. we don't see any flames or anything happening with it right now. we imagine the fire has been put out. we're not sure if any kids were on board at the time. we're continuing to follow the story and gather information and as soon as we know more, we'll pass it along to you. >> we spoke with a driver who told us he could not believe what he saw after the man behind this deadly wreck just took off. it happened on orange blossom trail at americana boulevard. mark lehman tells us why the driver was never supposed to be on the road in the first place. >> the driver says he could not believe it when the car responsible took off from the intersection and down americana boulevard. troopers are saying the driver of that car should have never been behind the wheel. >> this is the 30-year-old man who is now charged with d.u.i. manslaughter and leaving the scene of a deadly crash. the impact killing the driver of
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adams. >> i heard a boom sound and then i thought oh, my god, that's a horrendous scene. >> the man never slowed down and may have even sped up when he approached the intersection. >> he was going 60 or 70, very, very fast. it's unbelievable. >> but instead of stopping, troopers say he drove off in a badly damaged car. deputies tracking him down within minutes. >> we're actually kind of surprised the vehicle was able to leave the scene as much damage as occurred her. >> troopers made another surprising discovery. cici is a guatemala national who has lived her seven years and never had a driver's license. he was booked into jail on a $45,000 bond. troopers crediting witnesses coming forward for a quick capture and arrest. >> we need all the information we can get to help us prove a case so we can go to court. >> mark lehman, news 6. >> we have new information about the search for a missing newborn abandoned. investigators say just moments
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apartment complex parking lot. police went back to the retention pond at the willow bend apartments today. you can see the search team out clues. they spent the weekend digging and draining the two-acre pond. so far there are no signs of the little girl now known as baby willow. her mother, susan richardson, is still in the orange county jail, neglect. >> a traffic alert in brevard county where a major road is closing tonight and won't reopen for 40 days. drivers who use wickham road say this is going to cause major headaches for businesses and schools in the area. the four-mile detour will take northbound drivers east on eau gallie boulevard and up croton rode and west on aurora road. the brevard county public works director says the $800,000 project will protect homes north of wickham road from flooding. they'll install a trench culvert
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complete the project before the wet season. local traffic will still have access to shops in between. >> the michigan uber driver accused of shooting six people to death has now been charged with murder. prosecutors say he has admitted to the killings. an uber passenger says he called police to report an erratic driver more than an hour before authorities say jason dalton began shooting people at random, killing six and wounding two others before being arrested. dalton has no known criminal history and an extensive background check is required for all uber drivers. one passenger says he ordered an uber to get off the street because there was a shooter on the loose but ironically, he says he and his family ended up suspect. >> new twists in the battle of the titans. apple versus the f.b.i. both fighting for control over the iphone of one of the san bernardino attackers.
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thanking his employees for support. cook's e-mail says this case is about more than a single phone going on to say, quote, "it does not feel right to be on the opposite side of the government on the case that involves freedoms and liberties that the government is meant to protect." they said the agency's demand is about giving the victims justice and conducting a thorough examination into the shooting. >> a major change for residents of orlando regarding their trash. >> the city is cutting garage trash pickup to once a week. the city says it's trying to change after people complained their recycling was piling up. if the experiment goes well, the whole city could eventually make
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>> new tonight, a business boost turns into breastfeeding backlash for a local mom. her allegations at 4:30. >> then 106-year-old, this woman dances her way into hearts on the internet. what she tells the president about her key to longevity. >> i love her. but first, the hot spot for bacteria at the hospital. the investigation that will have you making changes during your next visit. >> you're watching news 6 at 4:00, getting results for central florida. we'll be right back. >> and join us on facebook during the break. just search for lisa bell at bell news. we'd love to chat with you. centurylink prism tv has all your favorite channels,
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>> a new health warning at 4:00 about the dangers hidden at hospitals. >> every year, tens of thousands of americans die from infections they pick up at hospitals.
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yourself and your loved once during your next visit. >> like every surface, the one in your hospital room may breed bacteria. even your doctor may unknowingly put you at risk. there are things you can clean yourself in order to stay healthy. >> she had a knee replacement in 2013. two days later she knew something was wrong. >> i had attacks of diarrhea. i was in the bathroom every two minutes. >> she picked up a life-threatening infection while recovering in the hospital. >> you're not eating, you're dehydrated and just losing tremendous amounts of weight. >> it's estimated 1 in 25 patients contract an infection from the hospital and tens of thousands die every year from the infections. >> pick up bacteria -- >> she founded the committee to reduce infection deaths. she says patients need to be proactive and protect themselves. most importantly, make sure visitors and doctors wash their hands before coming near you.
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patients are intimidated by the white coats and nurses' uniforms but you could be saving your life by asking them to do that. >> and doctors should wipe their stethoscopes between patients. >> wiping down surfaces around the hospital bed can reduce some infections by as much as 80%. >> pull them out and wipe the high touch surfaces like the bed rail, the over the bed table, the call button, the television clicker >>. and choose a hospital and surgeon with low infection rates and a day before surgery, bathe with soap that can remove harmful bacteria you may be carrying on your skin. she calls her experience a big wake-up call. >> i think hospitals try to make an effort about keeping their hospitals as sterile as possible. more needs to be done. >> she says patients need to be their own best advocates. >> each year, more than a half million people get infections at hospitals.
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usually susceptible because antibiotics kill off intestinal bacteria. >> summer may seem like it's far, far away, but volusia county is already making moves to keep their beaches safe. it's planning to hire 150 part-time lifeguards to patrol the beaches this summer. applicants must be at least 16 and complete a 40-hour first responder c.p.r. course. try-outs begin february 27th and continue every saturday through march 19th. >> time is running out to help a local student get results. >> the brevard county third grader is a finalist in the doodle for google competition. we first told you about landon slater at west side elementary school this month. google picked him as a contender. the theme, "what makes me, me." if he wins, he gets a $30,000 scholarship and his school gets $50,000. we posted the link at, powered by
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>> landon is a pretty big deal. i don't know if you know that. >> especially if he can get his school $50,000. >> that's pretty awesome. go do what they tell you to do. >> go, vote, vote early and vote often. >> chief meteorologist tom sorrells is here after a fantastic weekend. >> it was a great weekend. >> i thought today was the best day of the year. >> today was great. >> but all year. >> i had to work. >> well, that's true. it could have happened on a saturday or sunday. >> february has a lot of year left. >> let's start out the weather story tonight with storm pins. look at big tony. he said he shot that yesterday and it was windy so the birds are grounded. hanging out. this is a shot from indiatlantic. >> one more shot from cocoa, along the coast as well. deb's pics. i like this one a lot.
4:19 pm
seeing in central florida. >> radar tonight, looking pretty good and pretty clear for the moment. you see no big rain action coming into central florida. we're done with showers until at least the overnight. i'll show you the hour-by-hour breakout in just a moment and give you a look-see what's going on. daytona beach today, 78. 76 out at cocoa beach. from here, we've dropped off just a bit in spots. we have fallen now from 81 to 79 in orlando. still showing 70 degrees at news time in palm coast. 79 in the villages and 76 from cocoa beach to melbourne. this is my visible satellite. i really like this shot a lot. you see the texture of the clouds kind of build in. you can see cloud cover rolling in from the south and a sea breeze developing right there. that's what it looks like. nothing doing with big rain yet though. there will be more on the way. dry air is in place and the moisture is starting to show up. eventually, we're going to be overrun with clouds.
4:20 pm
showers between now and 11:00. i'm not overly impressed with the rain chances tonight. i'll leave them in there from 20 to maybe 30%. tomorrow we're going to ramp it up a little bit. this is tomorrow morning at 6 a.m., from gainesville to the east into volusia county. rain chances are mentionable at about 40% early on and maybe 50% as the day wears on. here's 4 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. by 4:00 tomorrow at this hour, i should have something to track. hopefully nothing super heavy in volusia and brevard counties. on wednesday, that's the big turn it around kind of day. we have a chance for rain tonight and a better shot tomorrow. watch wednesday. this frontal boundary comes swinging into the state out of the gulf of mexico by 10 a.m. on wednesday. big rain from ocala to the villages all the way down to tampa. by noon, could be a rough midday hour here in central florida, all the way from flagler county and palm coast down to lake county and volusia county lines.
4:21 pm
here on the orlando border between about 12 noon and 1 p.m., august the way to kissimmee and st. cloud. by 4:00, much of the big action is done and we'll finally start to calm it down. we'll be much, much, much cooler for thursday and friday. wednesday looks like it could really be an active day. 58 is the overnight low in ocala. 62 in leesburg. i'm calling the overnight low in orlando becoming mostly cloudy. the overnight low is 64 degrees. here's tomorrow. first thing tomorrow morning, 63 degrees. by noon, 75. all the way up to about, say, 83 for a daytime high tomorrow. rain chances tomorrow, 50% to 60% on wednesday. then on thursday, we dry out and the weekend looks so much cooler. it will be a world away from what we've been through this weekend. >> all right, tom. thank you. here's a look for you now at the roads. this is a live look outside on i-4 at colonial. cars on the left side of your screen are moving eastbound.
4:22 pm
traffic is picking up on this monday afternoon drive. expect a slow ride through the downtown area. westbound lanes are looking a little better for you. here are your drive times now. >> in case you missed it, disney has now crowned its new princess half marathon winner. a new yorker earned her first title sunday. the university of virginia senior and former soccer player was among 24,000 mostly women runners who participated in the race. it's 13.1-mile race which goes 32 magic kingdom and epcot. the 21-year-old did it in just under an hour and 25 minutes. congratulations to her. >> she doesn't even look tired. >> no, not even winded. >> well, gas prices go up except for one local city. which one bucked the trend.
4:23 pm
flea market for business but ends in a breastfeeding battle. her allegations in minutes. >> and meet the 106-year-old who boogied her way into the white house. her secret to the president,
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>> remember, news 6 is always on, your smartphone and your tablet. take us with you. >> do you want to meet michelle? >> yes. >> 106 years old, count 'em, virginia dances her way into the white house. she began a social media campaign in 2014 to meet president obama and the first lady. when she was 104, she's using social media. the white house was pleased to meet her as well and posted a special visit on their facebook page. it's received millions of views. as for the question we want to know, her secret to longevity, she says just keep on moving. >> that picture to me just says so many things.
4:27 pm
>> oh, yeah. >> and she has such a sharp mind at 106 and she says she just wants to keep that. by the way, she's turning 107 in a few weeks. >> in march, right? >> yes. >> unbelievable >> we want to be like her. well, gas prices are going up. >> the national average for a gallon of gas rose for four days in a row last week as the price for crude oil rises. the national average is $1.71. in florida, the average is 1.74 and in orlando, it's a dime lower at 1.65. it's two pennies less than last week. a small up-tick is never fun but drivers are paying 60 cents per gallon than this time last year.
4:28 pm
controversy for congressman alan grayson. his demands today in court. >> then should gun makers be held responsible for mass shootings? when we can expect a judge to have a decision. that story is coming up. >> but first, a breastfeeding mother says she was discriminated against at a local (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference
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(tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> new at 4:30, breastfeeding backlash at a local flea market. >> a mother tells news 6 she's outraged for what organizers made her do because of it. >> and now she wants answers and is exploring how she handles this next. news 6's loren korn is joining us live outside the flea market in daytona beach. so what is she planning on doing? >> well, she filed a complaint with the flea market and also talking to lawyers right now after she says management refused to give her a booth that she wanted because renters were complaining of her breastfeeding. now, jolene gregory says she went to the booth at the daytona flee and farmers market on friday and brought along her six-month-old daughter so she could breastfeed. the management told her renters were complaining about her breastfeeding. she shrugged it off and returned to the flea market to rent the same booth at the same location but says she was denied.
4:32 pm
was appeasing her mostly renters by not renting me a booth which was discriminating against breastfeeding and my rights as a mother. >> now gregory tells me the flea market told her she could pick another location that wasn't so visible. she said i'm not going to support your business if you're not going to support me. >> i think a lot of moms out there would support her. what does the flea market have to say about all this? >> well, we've called and e-mailed the general manager and the rental office, asked them what they had to say about this. and their policies. but we have not yet heard back from them. we'll keep you posted. >> certainly an interesting debate. loren korn reporting live tonight. >> also developing, the chance for severe weather later this week. >> but for now, it's all about the heat. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing the high temperatures. >> it's been a fantastic run through the entire weekend. the race day was awesome. everyone had a great weekend, i think weather-wise. visible satellite showing a
4:33 pm
building in now. on radar we don't have any rain to talk about just yet. moisture will be surging in here from the south. overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow, our initial rain chances do begin. the real rough stuff holds off until wednesday. more about that in a moment. temperature readings right now, we hit a daytime high today at 81. we're at 79 degrees now on our way down, sliding to 77 in ocala and 73 in daytona beach and 76 right now in melbourne. the on-the-town forecast in orlando, partly cloudy, not too shabby. 77 degrees at 5 p.m. by 6 p.m., 76. and the 7:00 hour takes us to 74 degrees. i'll be right back to pinpoint overnight lows and another warm day tomorrow and the arrival and the timing of the storms for you on wednesday. >> thank you, tom. from tornadoes to damaging winds, this winter el nino has hit florida with a fair share of severe weather. and it's not over yet. >> yeah, today marks the first day of severe weather awareness week.
4:34 pm
spoke to orange county emergency management to show us how they're getting results to keep your family protected. >> although the winter season is coming to an end, severe weather season peaks as we step into spring. and with el nino also in full swing, central floridians should not let their guard down. >> so often we get caught up in hurricane season and what it means to florida. there's another severe weather season that starts after hurricane season and runs through april or may and we're just beginning our normal severe weather season now. >> and although central florida has dodged several severe storm outbreaks this year, the el nino weather pattern continues to concern meteorologists and emergency management. >> we're in line such as the '97, '98 season where we had killer tornadoes through central florida. conditions are setting up that we have the potential of having a similar effect this year.
4:35 pm
to enhance the frequency and severity of the intense outbreaks. staying safe starts by staying informed. one option includes our pinpoint weather app which sends out alerts day or night when weather threatens. >> it only takes one storm to cause a disaster and to be catastrophic to you and your family. >> candace joins us now from the newsroom. we've dodged major severe weather events that other florida regions have not been as lucky. >> exactly. overall, we've seen 13 tornadoes across the state of florida. one to the north and the rest, 12 of them, down to the south. you can see the red dots indicating all of the tornadoes from ef-0 to ef-3's. some have been damaging and one of them even deadly. it looks like we've been in the void of tornadoes across the central florida and northern half of the state. the bad news here is that throughout the rest of winter and into spring, the jet stream starts to retrograde back to the
4:36 pm
the bull's-eye section of our next outbreak, although pretty much all the ingredients are there. we're hoping they don't come together during this severe weather outbreak. this is why you need to be informed and be prepared ahead of any severe weather like possibly on wednesday. >> good advice there. thank you. taking a look at traffic for you now, this is a live look outside on i-4 at the state road 408 ramp. always a busy area through here. cars on the right side of the screen are slowly heading eastbound. traffic is bumper to bumper so do expect a slow ride if you're about to head out on to i-4 eastbound. westbound lanes are moving a little bit smoother. here are your drive times right now. >> tonight congressman alan grayson's divorce dramatic back in an orange county courtroom.
4:37 pm
after it was discovered she was already married. >> troy campbell was in the court today with the new demands from grayson's attorney. >> congressman grayson not in the courtroom today. however, his attorney leaving fairly pleased after the court ordered his former partner must return several items the court already ruled he's entitled to. >> attorney for u.s. congressman alan grayson in an orange county court, telling the judge grayson has waited long enough to receive financial statements. he left inside the home he shared with the mother of his five children, lolita grayson, their marriage declared void last july when the judge ruled she was married to another man when the two married in 1990. >> as i said, now that she has her -- i think this is her fifth lawyer now and with the death of her prior lawyer, we now have someone to talk to and we're hoping to reignite those discussions. >> lolita grayson declining to speak with us after the hearing and at times seeming frustrated in the courtroom and ordered to
4:38 pm
african mask collection the congressman has collected from his trips around the world. >> i just don't think she wants to cooperate. this is very emotional for her and very frustrating. this is not the first hearing we've had. >> as for what's next in the case, congressman grayson's attorney says the issue of dividing finances still has not been agreed upon. outside the orange county courthouse, troy campbell, news 6. >> thank you, troy. congressman grayson is also currently running for u.s. senate. >> well, it took less than five minutes for nearly 150 rounds of ammo to go off inside sandy hook elementary school. 20 children and six educators were killed that day. tonight, several families want a judge to answer one question. should gun makers be held responsible for mass shootings? >> the precedent setting lawsuit says the company that made, distributed and sold the ar-15 used in the attack have a legal obligation to safely market such
4:39 pm
the lawsuit says gun makers, instead, do the opposite. using ads and product placement in video games. the games played repeatedly by sandy hook gunman adam lanza prior to the rampage. >> i would like to see them stop looking at violence-prone young men as their ideal customer. >> it's their target. >> david wheeler and jackie barton lost a son during the attack on sandy hook element they're in 2012. they're part of a lawsuit to test a 2005 federal law designed to test gun makers against liability when their guns are used against crimes. nearly every such lawsuit against gun makers has been dismissed. so far a judge has not made a decision on this one. we, of course, will keep you posted. >> we posted the exact question ginger just asked. should gun makers be held
4:40 pm
a lot of people are sounding off on our news 6 facebook page. let us know what you think at 6. >> the federal government is warning you may have to take action yourself if you're ever confronted by an active shooter. after recent mass shootings, the sale of guns has skyrocketed as people try to protect themselves. how should gun owners fend off an active shooter? mike deforest takes us inside a unique class where gun owners are put through simulations of mass shootings. you'll see what it takes to stop an active shooter and the challenges a gun owner might face. >> this afternoon, it's a lot quieter at the speedway, but still everyone is talking about the record-setting photo finish at the daytona 500. >> here they come to the line. we're coming to the finish at the daytona 500. >> just unbelievable! >> i think it was denny hamlin. >> what a finish. >> oh, my goodness.
4:41 pm
hamlin won his first daytona 500 by the closest margin in the 58-year his story of the race. he edged out martin truex, jr. by just four inches. >> you can hear more from denny tonight when he joins david pingalore for the central florida q&a craze ping-pong. hamlin, what a great driver and he's so young. >> they weren't partying like crazy afterwards. >> at least not legally. new tonight, a cancer risk intensifies in homes across the nation. what the c.d.c. wants you to know about a certain type of flooring, ahead at 4:30. >> then a remarkable rescue and discovery inside this burning jeep. what witnesses found after pulling a man out alive. >> but first, are you taking too much vitamin c? the new consumer reports health warning in three minutes. getting results in lake mary, kissimmee and all of central
4:42 pm
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
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>> on the health watch at 4:30, trying to fight that never ending cold. >> before you reach for the vitamins, consumer reports wants >> that's right. americans spent more than a billion dollars on vitamin c supplements last year. it may seem like a good idea to ake a boost of vitamin c when you've got a cold, but consumer reports says that could be a mistake. >> the common cold can leave you sniffling, sneezing and aching for a week or longer. while you might be attempted to try anything just to feel better sooner, think twice before loading up on vitamin c supplements. chances are you're already too late. >> there's some evidence that
4:46 pm
supplement on a regular basis while you're still healthy might shorten your cold by a day or so. but taking a vitamin c supplement when you're already sick really won't help. >> and it won't prevent a cold in the first place, according to the national institutes of health. taking high doses of vitamin c can also cause other health problems. for example, studies have shown that men who take excessive amounts are twice as likely to develop kidney stones and consuming more than 2,000 milligrams of vitamin c a day can cause upset stomachs and painful cramps. in general, the nih recommends 90 milligrams for men and 70 milligrams for women for good health, the equivalent of an orange. >> the best way to get vitamin c is the old-fashioned way, fruits and vegetables. >> some of the best fruits are red and green peppers, citrus fruits, kiwi and broccoli. as for the cold, forget the quick fix.
4:47 pm
medications like ibuprofen and acetaminophen for aches and fever and single congestive pills. >> and be aware that vitamin c can interact with certain treatment and drugs, including chemotherapy and heart medication. check with your doctor before taking any supplements. >> you try to do what you can, but then -- >> yeah. >> trending tonight, reality star kim kardashian's first reveal of her three-month-old son saint west. on her website she said it was for her late father's birthday today. saint west is their second child. their daughter north west is 2 years old. >> right now, the jackpot is growing ahead of wednesday night's big powerball drawing.
4:48 pm
one won on saturday. >> not too shabby. get your numbers while you can. maybe you want to buy your tickets at this local publix in melbourne beach. this is where the local couple who came forward last week purchased their ticket to split a $1.6 billion jackpot. not too bad. you can watch the drawing right here before news 6 at 11:00 this wednesday night. i definitely would swing by that publix. >> i think that couple is playing again. >> i hope not. >> they would become the most hated couple if they won again. >> maybe they'll take out some of that money and bail out kanye >> don't go there. i said that denny hamlin was 20 years old. he's 35.
4:49 pm
my husband made me watch nascar saturday and sunday. so i blame him. >> you're a better person for it. >> really? >> that was exciting stuff. >> oh, man. >> okay. i loved it. >> i did, too. >> somehow i think you're pulling my leg. >> i made julie watch as well. >> take a look at storm pins this afternoon. how beautiful is this shot? >> that's great. >> that's really nice. >> this is daytona beach. i love, love, love this picture. it may have to go on the facebook page. this is another shot of the cloud cover in windemere. that's the way the day has gone. we had beautiful sunshine for a while. the clouds are moving in. elliot from orlando sent this one in, too. good-looking shot of what's going on in central florida as the clouds are making a comeback. rain is just around the corner but right now, you don't see any rain. there's nothing packing a wallop here. the sun is setting low.
4:50 pm
two more times and that's it for the day. big storms are beginning to develop out here. this front is going to push in from the northwest over the coming 48 hours. right now on radar, we're fine. you don't see any radar echoes in central florida. by this time tomorrow and maybe by late night tonight, there will be a few. it's sort of a prelude to what lies down the road. we hit 81 in orlando and the same in kissimmee and 77 in melbourne and 75 in new smyrna beach. here's the beach, a couple of little waves going on. folks out there wandering, having fun, looking for seashells and whatnot. temperatures across the area right now, still 77 in ocala. 79 in the villages. we've dropped from that daytime high of 81 down to 79 right now in orlando. here's the futurecast. during the night tonight, more and more moisture begins to funnel in from the south. if so, by 11:00 tonight, according to futurecast, i
4:51 pm
little pockets of rain. not thinking they're going to slowed on us, though, but there will be scattered showers. by tomorrow morning, meteorologist troy bridges will be here checking out this stuff, pushing up to the north. but look at what happens next. by tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening, more and more scattered showers beginning to develop all the way from melbourne, all over brevard county and around to seminole county as well. then on wednesday, here comes the front. this is wednesday morning, 8 a.m., getting the kids off to school will be fine. but anytime after about 10 until about 2:00 in the afternoon, we're going to be rocking and rolling with big time thunderstorms and the possibility of dangerous weather. from marion county to the villages, all the way down through lake county, this is what it looks like by 1:00 with the front lying right here, pockets of action could be quite heavy from seminole county out to brevard and into the afternoon. by 4:00, by 5:00, we'll be wrapping it up and getting ready
4:52 pm
night into thursday. my low in orlando is 64. mostly cloudy and an outside shot at rain. here's tomorrow. first thing tomorrow morning, 63. by noon, 75. mostly cloudy with scattered showers popping up. daytime high tomorrow, still in the 80's. i'm going with 83 degrees tomorrow. 81 on wednesday. then come thursday, the daytime high is 67. look at friday. the daytime high is 62. that's a big change. >> it is. >> thank you, tom. >> "fortune" magazine is out with its most admired companies list. the winners, a trio of tech giants. the top spot is apple followed by alphabet, the parent company of google and amazon. the list is compiled by revenue and their business reputation. >> well, what are you walking on at your house? new tonight, the c.d.c. reveals its cancer concerns surrounding laminate flooring. >> and ahead, all new at 5:00, a
4:53 pm
security guards begin patrolling two orange county neighborhoods. why the sheriff believes the money spent will be worth it. >> but first -- >> once you hit that pole, it went up that. >> a driver escaped that ball of flame.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
>> take a look at this. it happened in tennessee. a jeep burst into flames and a dramatic rescue saved the driver. his vehicle went plummeting down the hill after someone sideswiped him on the road. a witness with a jack iron breaks through the window and pulls him out safely. >> i said please get the man out of here. >> the driver survives and witnesses say so did his bible. >> firefighters found it in the charred out car, sitting on the front seat. >> not surprised by that one. >> well, tonight, lumber liquidators stock closed 20% down after c.d.c. says it underestimated the health risk of its flooring.
4:57 pm
to the flooring are three times more likely to get cancer than the agency previously thought. >> in the market for a new car? jerry seinfeld is putting 16 of his rare porsches on the auction block. he said he never considered himself a collector and selling the cars so others can enjoy them like he has. they're worth about $32 million. >> i didn't know they came in so many colors. >> when you see his pictures, because he has so many, they all look like toys. >> that's very generous of him to share that with other billionaires. >> not that there's anything wrong with that, matt. >> i'm not hating. i see what you did there. >> matt austin is joining us with the news coming up at 5:00. >> we're following several breaking stories right now, including the arrest of a teen accused of running down an orange county deputy. new for 5:00, we're hearing from the sheriff about the 15-year-old who is in big trouble. also developing, we're learning
4:58 pm
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people really do save an average of over $500 when they switch. i mean about you inventing it. i invented the story, and isn't that what really matters? so... what else about me? [real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> breaking now at 5:00, the teen accused of running down a local deputy is now behind bars. the latest on his arrest, in minutes. >> but first, breaking new details in brevard county. the bodies of a man and his teen daughter found inside a home. detectives are working to learn how the 13-year-old girl died. this is news 6 at 5:00, getting


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